UCAM’s Seminar Success: Boosting Productivity with CNC Rotary Tables

UCAM Marketing Team    13 June 2024   

At UCAM, we believe that innovation and collaboration go hand-in-hand.

We recently hosted a seminar on "Boosting Machining Productivity Through Rotary Tables" in Faridabad to meet with our peers and customers in the industry and showcase our solutions.

With over 56 industry partners, more than 9 OEMs, and 170+ participants in attendance, the seminar was a vibrant, bustling event!

Attendees from various industries such as Automotive, Agriculture, Defence, Railway, and many more came together to present the distinct machining requirements of their sectors and how our solutions helped fulfill them.

Our team of experts provided an in-depth walk-through of UCAM's CNC Rotary Tables, explaining the inner workings and demonstrating how they help optimize operations with their high-speed indexing, superior accuracy, and durable construction.

We shared experiences, had insightful conversations, and ended the event with a FAQ session that led to new learnings for us!

We're elated with the response and support shown and hope to continue hosting events like this to build a community that helps us innovate better and become stronger.


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    Complex operations that require meticulous quality control, precision, and regular monitoring face these core challenges: Understanding this, we developed – The URPQ 250 Rotary Production System. With a focus on precision and flexibility, this rotary production system is equipped with – Rotary Production Systems enhance operational efficiency, precision, flexibility, and safety while reducing costs and […]

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  • UCAM’s Seminar Success: Boosting Productivity with CNC Rotary Tables

    UCAM Marketing Team     13 June 2024

    At UCAM, we believe that innovation and collaboration go hand-in-hand. We recently hosted a seminar on “Boosting Machining Productivity Through Rotary Tables” in Faridabad to meet with our peers and customers in the industry and showcase our solutions. With over 56 industry partners, more than 9 OEMs, and 170+ participants in attendance, the seminar was a vibrant, bustling event! Attendees […]

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  • Introducing Our Newest 4th Axis High Speed CNC Rotary Tables

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    Can high speed and consistency go hand-in-hand? Recognizing a gap in the market for rotary tables that strike the correct balance between speed and consistency, we proudly introduce our newest innovation: the URQ HS Series 4th axis rotary tables! This series comprises of two High Speed CNC Rotary Tables: the URQ 200 HS, with a […]

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    Routine maintenance is necessary to help all machining equipment last longer, but is it enough to get you the best possible return on your investment? At UCAM, we believe in going the extra mile to ensure that your investment yields the best possible returns. That’s why we offer comprehensive reconditioning services for rotary tables. What […]

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  • Optimize Hydroelectric Power Generation with UCAM’s Advanced CNC Rotary Tables

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    Hydroelectric power generators harness the energy of flowing water to produce electricity, and turbines are crucial components in this process. Turbines are responsible for converting the kinetic energy of the flowing water into mechanical energy, which is then used to generate electricity. To efficiently perform this conversion, turbines require intricate shapes and designs, particularly in […]

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  • Team UCAM’s Cooper Award Win at IMTEX Forming 2024

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    We are delighted to announce that UCAM has received the IMTMA’s Inaugural Cooper Award for Best Supply Chain at IMTEX Forming 2024! As a business in the machine tool industry, we understand the vital role supply chain plays in ensuring our products are cost effective, precise, high quality and satisfy our customers. We aim to […]

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  • Redefining Operations with UCAM’s Range of 5th Axis Solutions.

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    Unleash the full potential of your machining operations with our state-of-the-art 5th Axis Solutions—where accuracy meets cost-effectiveness. 2. Versatility for Every Application: 3. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: 4. Cost-Effectiveness: 5. User-Friendly Interface: 6. Reliability and Durability: Our 5th Axis Solutions offer a combination of precision, versatility, advanced technology, operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, user-friendliness, and durability. By investing […]

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  • Elevating Manufacturing: USSR-200qTN’s Key Role Across Industries

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    Our USSR-200qTN CNC Tilting Rotary Table, is designed to revolutionize various industries with its state-of-the-art features and capabilities. Key Features: 1) Complex Processes Now Simplified – The USSR-200qTN is equipped with features, simplifying the machining of intricate components. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for operators to handle complex processes with minimal effort, reducing the […]

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  • UCAM X BFW – A Partnership of Trust and Precision.

    UCAM Marketing Team     26 October 2023

    We were delighted to witness the integration of 4 of our advanced rotary tables into Dhruva machines by BFW, a steadfast partner in our journey. Our cutting-edge rotary tables delivered unparalleled precision and efficiency in Cast 4 Aluminium’s manufacturing operations, enhancing productivity and streamlining operations. They can be seamlessly integrated into any machining operations and […]

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    Team UCAM was beaming with joy, all thanks to our visitors at EMO Hannover. The unwavering support and enthusiasm have been the driving force behind our unforgettable experience at this remarkable event. EMO Hannover provided us with a global platform to showcase our cutting-edge innovations. Throughout the event, we took immense pride in presenting our […]

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  • IP65 Protection: Elevating Our Rotary Tables Longevity and Precision

    UCAM Marketing Team     21 August 2023

    The Ingress Protection (IP) rating is an internationally recognized system that helps users understand the level of environmental protection that an electronic device, mechanical component, or enclosure offers. In the context of rotary tables, IP65 protection is essential for maintaining their functionality and longevity in diverse operating environments. IP65 protection in Rotary Tables ensures resistance […]

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  • UCAM’s Hydrostatic Bearing

    UCAM Marketing Team     21 July 2023

    Hydrostatic bearings are a type of fluid film bearings commonly used in precision machinery and processes, including the manufacturing sector, where accuracy and reliability are critical. These bearings work on the principle of supporting a load by pressurizing a thin film of fluid. This fluid film creates a cushion that prevents direct contact between the […]

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  • 5 Steps To Choose The Right Rotary Table

    UCAM Marketing Team     12 July 2023

    Your machine tool needs the right kind of rotary table to enhance performance and efficiency. With multiple factors to consider such as machine compatibility, control system requirements, wiring options, braking mechanisms, and necessary accessories, how do you choose the right one? Follow our 5-point checklist to power through this daunting task and make an informed […]

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  • Empower the Future of Manufacturing with UCAM!

    UCAM Marketing Team     07 June 2023

    As we reflect on the advancements that shape our world and celebrate the pioneers of innovation. We take pride in the contributions made by UCAM in driving technological progress. UCAM has been a pioneer in rotary table manufacturing – marked by our relentless pursuit of excellence, expansion to global markets, innovative processes, and our goal […]

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  • UCAM’s exceptional customer service

    UCAM Marketing Team     21 April 2023

    We promise excellence, and deliver it throughout your journey as a customer. Experience end-to-end servicing with quick, precise resolutions and minimal downtime.

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  • Dual Lead Worm Gear

    UCAM Marketing Team     03 March 2023

    Efficiency is a critical factor in the manufacturing industry, where even the slightest improvement can lead to significant cost savings and higher productivity. However, at UCAM, we believe that efficiency alone is not enough. We strive to empower our customers to achieve more with our innovative machining solutions, such as our Dual Lead Worm Gear. […]

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  • UCAM’S Rotary Production System

    UCAM Marketing Team     30 January 2023

    Have you been able to effectively reduce downtime? Your machines could be down because: → The setup person is attending to another machine→ The machine is awaiting a quality control inspection→ The operator is gathering components or loading and unloading parts Although these are valid reasons for downtime, it is essential to identify the percentage […]

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  • UDDRi T300/60 – Rotary Table

    UCAM Marketing Team     03 January 2023

    Introducing the UDDRi T300/60: A High-Performance Rotary Table for a Wide Range of Applications. Rotary tables are an essential component in many manufacturing processes, allowing for precise, repeatable movement of workpieces in a circular motion. The UDDRi T300/60 is a direct drive rotary table that offers a range of benefits for industries including aerospace, mobile […]

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  • CNC Machining vs 3D Printing

    UCAM Marketing Team     26 December 2022

    CNC Machining or 3D printing – which one is better for you? They’re both used to produce a wide range of products, both simple and complex. However, CNC machining is advantageous, particularly in terms of material selection, accuracy, and production speed. Here is why CNC Machining may be the better fit for you: And you […]

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  • India Manufacturing Show 2022

    UCAM Marketing Team     19 September 2022

    Exhibitions like IMS have always served as an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our technological innovations in real time. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the enterprising manufacturers, enthusiastic product developers, and earnest students. They visited our stall and showed a genuine interest in the product diversification we are trying […]

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  • Large Bore Rotary Tables

    UCAM Marketing Team     16 September 2022

    Heavy machining with ease and precision? UCAM makes it possible! Our Large Bore Rotary Tables, which find application in a variety of industries, are packed with features: 1. Rotary Axis Face Plate range from Dia 250mm up to 1000mm2. High clamping force3. High-Grade Cast Iron housing for precision machining and rigidity4. Precision machined & ground […]

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  • UNMATCHED | Precision and Productivity

    UCAM Marketing Team     16 September 2022

    Every manufacturer wants to increase productivity. Here’s how we can help 👇 Our 5th Axis Rotary Tables can be used as add-ons to machines, enabling them to access areas that are impossible to, with only 3 axes. Machining centres become more accurate, effective, and efficient with our Rotary Tables. Discovering the Variety of Sports Betting […]

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  • Happy Engineers Day

    UCAM Marketing Team     16 September 2022

    Let’s raise a toast to the engineers that are Making in India, for the world! Happy Engineer’s Day 👏🏼 Ayak Fetişi Kalpleri Buluşturan Türkiye’nin Sitesi! Ayak fetişi, farklı insanların cinsel dürtülerini ve ilgilerini şekillendiren ilginç bir fetiş türüdür. Ayaklara duyulan takıntı, birçok insan için çekici ve gizemli bir hale gelmiştir. Türkiye’de ayak fetişi konusunda ilgi […]

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  • Making in India, Since 1986

    UCAM Marketing Team     16 September 2022

    In the 75 years since Independence, one of the great labours of India as a free nation has been self-dependence. This goal, in small and large ways, has been a major driving factor behind the growth of industry and economy in the country. UCAM – with its innovative intentions and manufacturing mastery – has always […]

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