UXR series

5th Axis
Rotary Tables

Enhance multi-face machining with

CNC tilting tables

. Integrating a 5th axis CNC rotary table into your machining process adds two axes, boosting versatility and efficiency.

CNC Rotary Tables

UCAM offers wide range of 4th Axis Rotary Table. Depending on the application we can offer precision Standard CNC Rotary Tables, Tilting Table, Large Bore Rotary Tables, Multi-Spindle Rotary Table, Large Size Rotary Table etc. These Rotary Tables can be integrated into 3 Axis machines to form an integrated 4th Axis solution for interpolation as well as positioning applications. The demand for higher speed and higher clamping torque has made us to bring out the latest version of CNC Rotary Table, which is beneficial for the customers in increasing productivity of machining operations.


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