Can we make profile using Rotary tables?

UCAM Rotary tables are designed to have continuous interpolation with machine axes. This interpolation is possible only if the controller of the machine has the capability of handling regular 4th axis. All the latest controllers like Fanuc 0iMF, Siemens 828D, Mitsubishi M80 controllers are capable of continuous 4 axis interpolation.

What is the indexing accuracy of UCAM Rotary Tables?

All UCAM standard CNC Rotary Tables are with Indexing accuracy of ± 15”. For applications which call for finer accuracy like ± 5”, ± 3” the feedback has to be taken from an external direct measuring high resolution encoder mounted on the Rotary Table axis.

When do we need tail stock support for Rotary Table?

If the component length is more than 100mm then it is advised to have the tail stock support. In some applications where the L/D ration is high i.e. length of component is long and diameter is less, then it is recommended to have work supports below the component.

What is the maximum cutting force we can apply on the Rotary table?

Maximum cutting forces allowed on the Rotary Table differs based on the size of the table. If application calls for the continuous interpolation then the max torque that can applied on the table should be within the worm gear torque capacity of the Rotary table. In case of the positioning the torque applied on the rotary table while machining should be within the clamping torque capacity of the table.

Which type clamp (Hydraulic or Pneumatic) is recommended?

UCAM Rotary Table upto Dia. 250 are available with option of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Clamping. The type of clamping required depends on the Clamping Torque required to withstand the machining forces. If the torque generated by the machining forces is higher than the capacity of pneumatic clamping torque of the table then hydraulic clamping is recommended.

What is the minimum indexing angle possible on Rotary table?

For CNC Rotary table minimum indexing angle is 0.001 degree.

Can the Rotary Table be mounted both Vertically and Horizontally?

All UCAM Rotary Tables upto Dia. 630 are designed and manufactured by default for Vertical mounting application (i.e. Horizontal Axis). For applications which require Horizontal mounting (i.e. Vertical Axis) the sheet guard has to be customized and supplied accordingly.

Can a bigger diameter component be mounted and machined on a smaller size Rotary Table?

UCAM Rotary Tables are heavy duty and rigid Rotary Tables which can take heavy dead load of component and also heavy cutting loads. If the radius of the component is bigger than the center height of Rotary Table then we can provide a height block so as to increase the center height. This will enable to accommodate a bigger diameter component. UCAM has standardized height blocks of 30mm, 60mm & 90mm. Also customized height blocks as per application can be designed and manufactured.

How to take the hydraulic lines for hydraulic fixtures in a Rotary Table?

All UCAM Rotary Tables can be provided with Rotary Union (Rotary Joint) as an option. These Rotary Union are available with 4 Line, 6 Line, 8 Line depending on the size of Rotary Table. Also additional upto 5 lines Rotary Union can be provided on the Face Plate Tailstock. Thus upto 6+5 (6 on Rotary Table side + 5 on Face Plate Tailstock side) can be provided.

What options are available for motor mounting?

UCAM Rotary Tables are available with Right motor mounting, Left motor mounting & Rear motor mounting options.