UXR series

URQ 200 (Left Hand Hydraulic)

Product Features

  • High Positioning Accuracy
  • More Compact & Less Weight
  • High Speed & Quick Acceleration
  • High Clamping Torque
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Spec Sheet

Dimension URQ 200 (Left Hand Hydraulic)
Turn Table Diameter mm 200
Table Centre Height mm 140
Centre Bore Diameter H7 mm 60
Reference Slot H7 mm 12*2
Other Slot H8 mm 12*2
Guide Block Width h6 mm 14
Servo Motor Torque (Nm) Nm 4
Speed Reference Ratio mm 1:90
Table Gyration Angle/Pulse deg 0.001o
Table Rotation Speed (3000 rpm) rpm 33.33
Load Capacity
Horizontal Kg 300
Vertical Kg 150
With Tailstock support Kg 300
Horizontal N 14000
Vertical N 5750
Horizontal Nm 1200
Vertical Nm 800
Allowable work Inertia Kg.m2 5
Driving Torque Nm 250
Clamping Torque Pneumatic @5 Bar Nm _
Clamping Torque Hydraulic @30 Bar Nm 900
Indexing Accuracy Arc Sec ±15”
Repeatability Arc Sec ±4”
Net Weight Kg 58

Note: We give special modifications according to the customer needs.

Product Video

Watch this video to witness the incredible power of URQ 200 (Left Hand Hydraulic)


URQ 200 (Left Hand Hydraulic)

Areas of Application

UCAM standard rotary tables are used in various industries for machining complex components. The new and improved URX series rotary tables help in improving productivity.
  • Automotive

    UCAM's 4th and 5th Axis solutions, as well as large rotary tables, make machining engine components including cylinder housings, clutch cases, brake components, fuel injection pumps, gearbox housing, and pump barrels simple, reliable, and stable.

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  • Power generation

    Turbines like those present in hydroelectric power generators are some of the most complex shapes one can mill from a single block of metal. UCAM's newest advanced CNC Rotary Table simplifies the machining of impellers, engine parts, and other complex components.

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  • Oil and gas

    The manufacturing of mammoth-proportioned valves, pumps, pipes, and flanges is common in the extraction of fossil resources. Even when using UCAM's huge rotary tables, such as our large-bore rotary table, there is no hitch in manufacturing; our large-bore rotary table, for example, leaves plenty of areas even when cutting longer components like drilling pipes.

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  • Mining

    Components such as carbide drill bits, compressor casting cylinders, and forged handles are vital for biting their way through rock in mining machinery. The stability and accuracy required to make these durable and complicated components are provided by UCAM's extensive 4th and 5th axis systems, which have been honed over many years of milling.

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  • Medical and orthopedic implants

    Titanium implants are the go-to method for remodelling and repairing damaged bone structures, sometimes even replacing complete skeletal units within the body. They are inert, light, and undoubtedly robust. Advanced 4th and 5th axis milling systems, such as those developed by UCAM, are required to make these irreplaceable units.

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  • Agriculture

    The intricate internal workings of an internal combustion engine, whether propelling a hatchback on the road or a large tractor through fields to be tilled, necessitate repeatable and rapid machining of massive metal blocks without losing precision.

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  • General Engineering

    UCAM 4th and 5th axis tables are critical in the fabrication of equipment like cylinder, gearbox and carbide drill bits. The geometric complexity of these components necessitates a high degree of mobility across all five axes and extreme precision during machining.

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URQ 200 (Left Hand Hydraulic)

Spare Parts

The availability of original components ensures minimal downtime. Appended below are the spare parts that can be kept in the inventory as per requirement.


URQ 200 (Left Hand Hydraulic)


  • URQ-180 (Right Hand Pneumatic)
    URQ-180 (Right Hand Pneumatic) CNC Rotary Table    
  • URQ-180 (Right Hand Hydraulic)
    URQ-180 (Right Hand Hydraulic) CNC Rotary Table    
  • URQ-250 (Right Hand Hydraulic)
    URQ-250 (Right Hand Hydraulic) CNC Rotary Table    
  • URQ 200 (Left Hand Pneumatic)
    URQ 200 (Left Hand Pneumatic) CNC Rotary Table    
  • URQ 200 (Right Hand Pneumatic)
    URQ 200 (Right Hand Pneumatic) CNC Rotary Table    
  • URQ 200 (Right Hand Hydraulic)
    URQ 200 (Right Hand Hydraulic) CNC Rotary Table    
  • URX-320 (Right Hand Hydraulic)
    URX-320 (Right Hand Hydraulic) CNC Rotary Table    
  • URH-401
    URH-401 CNC Rotary Table    
  • URH-500
    URH-500 CNC Rotary Table    
  • URH-631
    URH-631 CNC Rotary Table